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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

51% Off and Still Infinitely Overpriced

Coupon in Question:

"Print this $0.50/1 Frank’s Red hot Sauce coupon. You can use it at Walmart to pay just 48 cents for one bottle after coupon. Or keep an eye out for sales on this product at your grocery store. Use zip55555 to find this coupon." Available online at:

I don't believe much commentary (my position on Franks is well known, see "Dec Update: Disowning of my Sister" for more details) is needed other than the following two math equations.

(after-coupon price)/(original price)-1=Discount in percentage terms:

51% Discount

(after-coupon price)/(true product value)-1=Discount to intrinsic value

Conclusion: Despite only costing you 48 cents with the coupon, purchasing a Frank's Red Hot is an utterly deplorable decision and will cause extremely negative events to occur. In short, don't make a rookie move and buy something infinitely overpriced.


  1. ha- our tenants left us a HUGE bottle and that is what you will be enjoying on your upcoming trip to Rhode Island! Yee haw.....

  2. Don't worry Todd, I will throw it out prior to your arrival as i wouldn't want to contaminate the house. Also, I love the picture of "who divided by zero?" I don't know what it is a picture of but it could be moments before the apocalypse!

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