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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Status Update- 2k11

The following three pictures of my pepper garden symbolize the journey THTF has taken this year. That being said, I just want to point out to my legions of fans that this is rock bottom- and things are only going to be getting better from here on out! Weekly updates will abound in 2012, mark my words. And with that, I present to you: 

2011: The ups and downs of a Nerdy Hot Sauce/Finance Blog

Step One- THTF launched with little fanfare, but much enthusiasm and a very bright future

Step Two- THTF is racking in the hits, averaging 300+ visits/month this summer. While Google analytics are slightly opague, I estimate that only 75% of this traffic was from my nuclear family. 


Step Three- Winter comes, and like an bad Game of Throne joke, THTF to basically dead to the world. The peppers wither and die.

Step Four- REBIRTH! Thanks to a late night conversation with my buddy from a sweet ad-tech company in Boulder, I am now (quite effectively I may add, 4 cents already today!) monetizing THTF in a big way. Just wait for some sickiez content, and soon I'll be riding the gravy train and living off the ad income. 

(note: The $-train ad is currently failing to live up to its potential, providing $0.00 in earnings. Don't worry, this will change.)

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  1. welcome back you slacker! looking forward to reading your scintillating posts...